• Jessie Slocum supports the two-year Kauffman Fellows Program and the Fellows’ subsequent transition into the Network post-graduation through designing and measuring interactive learning experiences. In this role, she leverages her background as an educator and instructional coach to develop an engaging and cutting-edge curriculum. She focuses on evaluating the impact of the learning experience, supporting faculty preparation, and constructing the overall communication strategy.
    Prior to joining Kauffman Fellows, Jessie managed a team of educators at General Assembly, where she created the onboarding and professional development program for their global instructional community. She previously taught elementary special education and ran her own tutoring business in the Northern Virginia area.
    Jessie holds a BA in economics from the University of Virginia. Outside of Kauffman Fellows, you can find her joyfully exploring National Parks or hosting craft and cocktail nights in her San Francisco home.

Jessie Slocum
Learning Design Manager