• Bill Tobin is currently a Program Advisor and Fellows Coach at KFP.  During the two-year program, he works with the program team to design, implement and execute module content that will optimize the fellow experience, including identfying and recruiting speakers.  He also coaches the fellows during their fellowship and beyond on their Personal Development Plans (PDPs) and day-to-day strategies and tactics for success.  In his other day job, Bill is a partner at the Strayer Consulting Group, an organization development firm that specializes in helping venture-backed start-up companies and investment groups build strong management teams.  He brings 25 years of consulting and high technology experience to his work, including founding executive and board member at multiple startups. Bill is an experienced business consultant and coach who offers his clients hard-won technical and organizational insights.
    Bill has an undergraduate engineering degree from Drexel University and has completed graduate engineering and business studies at Stanford University and the University of California.  He loves getting outside to run, mountain bike, and ski and in his copious spare time enjoys books, music, food and wine. A Philadelphia native, Bill lives in San Jose, CA with his wife, Joy; they enjoy traveling to visit their two daughters in Berlin and New York city.

Bill Tobin
Fellows Coach / Prog. Advisor