Heartland Scholarships

The Kauffman Foundation has made a grant for 12 scholarships which cover full tuition to experienced fund managers to attend the Kauffman Fellows Program. The scholarships have been awarded in the last two years to 8 Fellows. There are 4 scholarships remaining. Two recipients will be selected from the Kansas City metro area and two from the Heartland states (Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Nebraska).

Purpose of the Scholarships

The scholarship program is designed to connect experienced Kansas City and mid-continent investors with venture capitalists in over 40 countries on 6 continents where Kauffman Fellows are located, including established innovation hubs such as Silicon Valley, New York City, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, and Shanghai, as well as emerging hubs in Lagos, Mexico City, Talinn, Istanbul, and Mumbai.

A hallmark of Kauffman Fellows is increasing the individual and collective power of the 589 Fellows to solve worldwide challenges by leveraging each other’s strengths. Ultimately, Heartland investors’ participation in Kauffman Fellows will expand their learning, knowledge, and experience, which will spur capital investment opportunities and fuel the growth of mid-continent entrepreneurs.

Eligibility Requirements and Application Process

  • Candidates must be from one of the designated geographies:
    • 2 scholarships – Kansas City metro area
    • 2 scholarships – Heartland states (Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska)
  • Candidates must be US citizens or permanent residents. Scholarship recipients must be able to legally stay in the United States beyond the program’s completion to continue their work.
  • Candidates must submit a complete Kauffman Fellows Program application by December 14, 2018, 11.59 PM (Pacific Time), and be accepted into the Program.

How to Apply

There is a brief Heartland Application form to fill out. Scholarships, which cover tuition for the 2-year Kauffman Fellows Program, are awarded following acceptance into the program.

All other expenses, including travel, meals, and lodging, are the responsibility of the Fellow, which are estimated to be $10,000-$15,000 over the 2-year period.

Award Notification: March 1, 2018.

Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipients

  • Attendance at all 7 modules and 2 summits is mandatory for all Fellows.
  • Scholarship recipients will meet at least once annually in the Heartland to develop the regional cohort.
  • Scholarship recipients will volunteer at least 40 hours in mentoring and educating entrepreneurs in their region in each of the two years of the program.
  • Scholarship recipients will serve at least one Heartland company on the board of directors or as an advisor, and will use best efforts to invest in companies in the Heartland when circumstances are appropriate.